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At the Seawater Hotel Marsala the body regenerates in the embrace of salt, sun and silence. From the center of Marsala: 1.5 km, 2 minutes by car. From the Marsala / Mozia / Stagnone natural oasis: 4 km, 5 minutes by car

Seawater Hotels & Medical SPA is the cradle of your journey around the culture of salt. Imagine egevenings welcomed and pampered from the first moment and live a unique sensory experience, regenerating yourself in the embrace of salt and sun, relax in the silence of bright spaces, designed with natural materials and hypoallergenic fabrics, living in a place that respects the environment with the use of renewable energy, the recovery of rainwater and purification with ozone and UV filters, savor tasty dishes, with selected ingredients and cooking that preserve their organoleptic qualities, feel the scent of virgin saline water on your skin with natural cosmetics, rich in trace elements and micronutrients.

Immerse yourself in crystal clear waters, caress the skin with salt and the soul with the wind. Only here is it possible, where the extreme edge of Sicily overlooks the Egadi islands, where the sun plunges every evening behind Favignana. It is located in a magical place, Seawater Hotels & Medical SPA Marsala, in the most extreme part of Western Sicily, close to an ecosystem that has remained unchanged for centuries, the Saline della Laguna, an oasis of rare beauty protected by WWF. Studded with salt pyramids, on which the blades of a mill stand, which since the 16th century has reduced marine crystals to salt. And from the concept of salt, divine essence from the sea, the Medical SPA was born.

Pets: only small dogs, allowed on request in some types of rooms.


54 bright rooms, elegantly furnished with warm Mediterranean colors, projected with wonderful views of the Marsala sea or the internal gardens, equipped with private bathrooms covered in Carrara marble and green Alps. The natural materials support the pleasantness of the touch, the hypoallergenic fabrics welcome the night’s rest, the sanitization with ozone, 100% ecological, restores an adequate microclimate inside the rooms. Intimate spaces aimed at rest of the senses and mind, harmonious and comfortable environments, where you can indulge in sleep or contemplation of the horizon. All rooms are equipped with: aconditioned re, Free Wi-Fi and LAN high speed Internet, csafety trim, frigobar, HD LCD satellite TV, telephone, porta luggage, sand tea / coffee (Junior Suite), pparquet flooring, lcourtesy uce, dtoilet or bathtub, ahair dryer, smagnifying glass, porta heated wipes, set Medical SPA (bathrobe, towels, slippers), laundry service, sservices for babies and children.

Executive Room: if you are traveling alone or in company, the rooms Executive are the ideal choice for you. Of various sizes (from 15 to 19 square meters), with a comfortable double bed or two beds, private bathroom with shower or bathtub equipped for the disabled, 32 ‘TV with international satellite channels, spacious wardrobes, large desks and luggage racks to guarantee you a comfortable stay.

Superior Room: choose the rooms Superior with sea view on the splendid Egadi Islands or projected on the city of Marsala or towards Trapani, some with private balcony, sizes from 16 to 19 square meters, with comfortable double bed or two beds, shower or bathtub, 32 ‘TV with international satellite channels , spacious wardrobes, large desks and luggage racks for your total comfort.

Deluxe Room: if you want to treat yourself to more comfort and a great quality of sleep, select the rooms Deluxe overlooking the skyline of Marsala and Trapani, some with covered balconies. Spacious with sizes from 28 to 38 square meters, set up in an open space with sleeping area and living area, ideal for those who love living spaces in complete freedom. Comfortable double bed or two single beds, maxi shower, 40 ‘LCD wide screen TV with international satellite channels.

Deluxe Family Room: traveling with your children will be even more pleasant by choosing the rooms Deluxe Family , overlooking the skyline of Marsala and Trapani. Spacious with sizes from 28 to 38 square meters, set up in an open space with a comfortable double bed and sofa bed or single armchair beds, to guarantee maximum comfort in a familiar environment and in complete freedom. Bathroom with maxi shower, 40 ‘LCD wide screen TV with international satellite channels. Baby accessories available.

Junior Suite: let yourself be surprised by the wonderful scenery of the Egadi Islands on the horizon, with a wonderful view and the colors of the sea that change according to the time of day. If you are a lover of elegance and details, we suggest a stay in one of the Junior Suite , of various sizes from 22 to 38 square meters, spacious with sleeping area and living area to guarantee maximum comfort, maxi bath or shower, 43 ‘LCD wide screen TV with international satellite channels, herbal tea and coffee corner with kettle and coffee machine , some with balcony. It is the ideal choice for traveling as a couple and wanting excellence.

Junior Suite Family: let yourself be surprised by the wonderful scenery of the Egadi Islands on the horizon, with a wonderful view and the colors of the sea that change according to the time of day. If you are traveling with your family and you love elegance, well-organized spaces and details, we suggest a stay in one of the Junior Family Suites, of various sizes from 22 to 38 square meters, spacious with sleeping and living areas to guarantee you maximum comfort, single sofa bed or two sofa beds, maxi bath or shower, 43 ‘LCD wide screen TV with international satellite channels, herbal tea and coffee corner with kettle and coffee machine, some with balcony.

Terme Wellness - Wellness Center

The Medical SPA contains all the knowledge of thalassotherapy and masterfully exploits the properties of the natural salt of the Marsala salt pans for the treatment of any type of epidermis. From the most delicate, inflamed, affected by skin problems to tissues with water retention and affected by metabolic syndrome.

When the skin dives into salt, or into very high salinity tanks, it is reborn. Especially the epidermis subject to skin problems, the most delicate and sensitive. The benefits deriving from balneotherapy in salt water on damaged skin, in particular psoriasis, are known. But immersion in water with a high concentration of salt also counteracts adiposity, stagnation of liquids, relieves arthro-rheumatic pain and helps in recovery from musculoskeletal trauma or orthopedic operations.
Twenty minutes, maximum thirty immersion in a single salinized tank at a very high density (around 9-10%) ensures the reactivation of the blood and lymphatic circulation, the detoxification of the tissues, the contrast of adiposity, water retention, lumpiness. In other tanks where the salinity is brought to 33%, a maximum stay of 3-5 minutes is foreseen. These are ablutions useful for the general well-being of all ages. A cycle, even a short one, of sessions in the saline tank relaxes and reactivates, bringing energy and promoting sleep.
The benefits of staying in salt water are amplified when the balneotherapy is followed by exposure to the sun or, alternatively, phototherapy carried out with narrow band UV-B rays. In dedicated rooms, special WALDMAN equipment capable of artificially reproducing ultraviolet rays (UVB-NB without their harmful component) and thus simulating the beneficial action of the sun, improve the skin condition of any type of epidermis.
Short but repeated exposure to phototherapy equipment also facilitates the treatment of psoriasis located in areas of the body that are not easily accessible from the sun such as the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, the scalp. It is done after wearing special protective goggles and briefs for the genital areas.


SALT AEROSOLS – The rock salt particles are assimilated through the respiration of aerosols, or the nebulization of hypertonic salt water NaCl 3-7% with evident benefits in the treatment of forms of chronic inflammation in the upper and middle respiratory tract. FASET medical aerosol uses saline water in various concentrations, depending on the medical indication, and provides four different therapies

The application consists in inhaling about 1 ½ liter of thermal water (pure or diluted) in 10 minutes, at a temperature of 40 ° C, 1-2 times a day. The particles are of such size (> 10 μ) to reach the nose, throat and trachea. Inhalations are indicated in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper airways such as rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchial rhinosinusitis syndromes.
The thermal water is divided into very small drops (particles 1-5 μ) that reach the bronchi and pulmonary alveoli. The temperature of administration ranges from 28 ° to 30 ° C, the duration of a session is about 10 minutes, 1 or 2 sessions are carried out per day. Aerosols are indicated in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the lower airways such as chronic bronchitis, simple bronchopneumopathies, bronchopneumopathies with an obstructive component.
Micronized nasal showers consist of a flow of aqueous particles (about 20-30 μ), produced in a special device (ampoule), introduced directly under pressure alternately into the two nostrils. They are indicated for catarrhal problems of the upper airways (nose and throat), have a duration of about 10 minutes, are carried out once a day

Gastronomy - Catering


The cuisine of Seawater Hotel Marsala sublimates the gastronomic culture of the territory, selecting the key ingredients, from land and sea, and subjecting them to cold cooking on salt or to low temperature procedures to preserve their organoleptic qualities. It uses the salt element in a conscious way, uses ancient Sicilian grain flours, accompanies the catch of the day with seasonal vegetable salads.

The hotel’s wine bar celebrates a Sicilian pride, one of the most elegant and complex wines in the world: Marsala, a liqueur nectar born from the red clods of the Marsala countryside and aged in oak or chestnut barrels, acquires the scent, flavor and the color of Marsala after decades of aging. As a corollary, other indigenous labels such as grillo, catarratto, inzolia, grecanico, zibibbo, perricone and a menu of cocktails and aperitifs for your moments of relaxation.

Activities - Excursions - Tours

Three outdoor swimming pools of fresh and salt water, served by a pool bar with refreshing drinks, welcome moments of refreshment but also immersion and floating in high salinity waters, characterized by a relevant anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. The salt water pools are shallow, accessible, after medical examination, for a maximum of half an hour.

In designing the world of water, we were inspired by the surrounding nature, designing gardens full of Mediterranean plants, from cacti with their wonderful fruits, to lavender and rosemary, inserting lemon and orange plants. ferns, aloe. Breathe deeply and treat yourself to a series of strokes, or simply let yourself be lulled by the water and let your mind wander away. Comfortable sunbeds for those who love the sun or read a good book in the shade of colored umbrellas for your moments in complete freedom.

Along the salt road, from Trapani to Marsala, the sea water turns from intense blue to a chessboard of watercolors toned on white, pink, fuchsia. It is the miracle of salt, which transforms sea water into ever purer, whiter crystals. The salt harvest in the Marsala salt pans is still done manually. An ancient and wise ritual that makes salt a precious commodity and a unique essential element, which you can appreciate by immersing yourself in the salt water pool, a regenerating bath for your skin.


On the fifth floor of the hotel the view sweeps breathlessly over the spontaneous gardens and the tuna towers, the domes of the churches and the gates of the noble villas of Marsala. The gaze investigates the marine horizon, the nearby Egadi islands, the fiery sunsets, while the body sinks into comfortable chaise longue protected by veiled gazebos.

A shuttle service (free and provided at set times) takes you to the city center, to discover the most “British” of Sicilian destinations. Marsala with its many faces and a hundred treasures, the inheritance of successive conquering peoples over the centuries, can also be visited by car transfer or vehicle with driver available (for a fee).
Extra paid services (on request): car, boat and bicycle rental; tourist and naturalistic guides for guided visits to major sites of archaeological, monumental and environmental interest; train, bus, plane ticket office; sailing boat rental for sea excursions; food and wine tours in cellars, oil mills, farms in the area.


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