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Rikli Balance Hotel

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Immersed in the greenery of old and imposing trees in the center of the city of Bled, the hotel boasts a phenomenal view of the lake, the islet and the castle of Bled, as well as the Julian Alps. The concept of wellbeing at Rikli: In the mid-19th century, healer Arnold Rikli transformed Bled into a modern health center. To improve the state of the individual, he relied on the natural factors of Bled - air, water and sun. He encouraged lots of exercise in the open air, a moderate but quality vegetarian diet and restful sleep. During your stay you can live according to Rikli's precepts: get up before dawn, drink fresh Bled water on an empty stomach, walk barefoot on the grass with morning dew, have light meals, swim, sunbathe, walk a lot and stroll in the fresh alpine air.

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